The Oklahoma City Thunder didn't really have choice when it came to trading backup point guard Reggie Jackson, a talented but flawed young player who made it very clear that he'd like to be a starter elsewhere. They got a pretty good haul, grabbing an array of solid players to fill out the bench in exchange for one unhappy backup guard is nothing to sneeze at, and the front office doesn't seem to have anything to worry about in terms of the rest of the team being sad to see Jackson go.


"And other guys" is some cold shit. Rarely do you see players convey anything but the usual niceties when asked about a teammate who has just been traded—"He's a great player and we'll miss him, but we all understand that this is a business blah blah blah"—and comments like these are about as close as athletes come to saying, "I really, really don't like that guy" nowadays. It's just too bad the Thunder don't play the Pistons again this season, it would be a lot of fun to watch Durant and Westbrook spend an entire game trying to dunk on poor Reggie Jackson.