"What About His Eyes?" Other Moments In Media Stereotyping Or Racism About Jeremy Lin

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Last night's unfortunate turn of phrase used on ESPN.com's mobile site gives us reason to examine a few other ill-advised media moves when it comes to discussing Jeremy Lin. The above comes from WNYW on Thursday morning, and features anchor Greg Kelly (recently cleared on some unsavory criminal charges) digging a hole from which his colleague bravely attempted to extricate him.


This has been around the block a few times, and is from ESPN News in the 10pm hour on February 15th. There's no malice intended here, obviously, it's just an unfortunate turn of phrase in the moment—a bit different from this morning's incident. (SportsRantz says ESPN Radio used the phrase last weekend, too.)


ESPN Deportes, February 15th. China's been royalty-free for 100 years now, but, uh, kudos to Deportes for at least garbing Lin in the nationally-appropriate imperial headgear.


MSG Network, February 15th. This actually inspired a bit on Conan O'Brien's show, featuring "other racist MSG Jeremy Lin graphics":


h/t to the many readers who sent all these in.