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The moment of truth finally came for Alfonso Soriano and the Washington Nationals yesterday ... and everybody lost.

The Nationals acquired Soriano in the offseason specifically for him to play left field, even though he made it clear there was no way he was going to play left field. The game of chicken began, and it ended yesterday ... with both trucks ramming into each other head on. The Nationals made a big show of putting him in the lineup and then acting shocked when he didn't head out to the field. This was a blatant "look at him, he's such a jerk!" move meant to cover up the foolishness of trading for Soriano in the first place. (A great roundup of the situation can be found at Capitol Punishment.)

And so there's an impasse, an immovable object/unstoppable force situation. A player being a jerk, and an organization trying to salvage a situation it created. (It's almost like Bud Selig is still running this team, heh.) And the real victims? Fantasy owners. Where the hell are you supposed to draft Soriano now? It is we who suffer the real slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

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