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What Are Your "Day Of The Ninja" Celebration Plans?

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When I get emails from people in Detroit talking about ninja action, my curiosity is instantly piqued. And so it was when "Detroit Martial Arts Examiner" Donald Alley wrote to notify America that today is The Day of the Ninja.

I contacted Michael Fiegel, the creator of this holiday, and asked some questions. If you're going to get into your black pajamas and sneak around in the mall, you deserve to know what you're getting in to, and who has called you into action.

Q: Why did you invent the holiday?
A: The Day of the Ninja was essentially created as a counter to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is held every September 19. The conflict between pirates and ninja is well known (if only on the internet), and it only seemed fair that if pirates got a holiday then ninja should get one, too.

Truer words, never spoken. You can read more here.

In honor of the day, here's video of a Japanese cage fighter trying, and failing, to backflip thus proving that ninjas are far more badass than cage fighters. Hell, gymnasts are too.


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