What Could He Have Possibly Done Wrong?

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There's no reason to speculate as to why Louisville back-up quarterback Matt Simms was suspended for four games for "an unspecified violation of team policy." None at all. It could be plenty of things. Maybe he was studying too hard for his physics exam and missed a mandatory meeting? Or perhaps he missed a couple practices due to his Habitat For Humanity work. He's a good egg. Never one to engage in any sort of rapscallion-like college hijinx or do anything irresponsible. He's a true homebody and spends most of his downtime either reading Tom Clancy thrillers or just watching "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" Just puzzles everybody as to what this suspension could be about. Once the smoke clears, I'm sure this will be nothing to worry about.... Cards Suspend Simms For 4 Games [Courier Journal] America's Most Blunted [KSK]