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What do Cal McNair’s comments today even mean? Who knows, just sell the Texans

Unload the franchise, Cal McNair.
Unload the franchise, Cal McNair.
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It’s time for Cal McNair to sell the Houston Texans.

McNair spoke to Adam Schefter and Houston Chronicle sports writer John McClain Thursday, giving an update on the team’s ongoing search for a coach and GM.


As far as Texans VP of Football Operations Jack Easterby’s job is concerned, it’s safe, for now. McNair says the next general manager will make the call on the future of Easterby’s role.

If I’m correctly following the line of events that led Easterby and the Texans to this moment, he should be gone. But McNair doesn’t think so.

Easterby was brought in at the suggestion of former Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien last April as head of team development, and has slowly acquired more power within the organization.

Sound familiar?

It’s very similar to O’Brien’s story within the organization. Before he got the boot, O’Brien went from head coach to general manager and offensive coordinator all at the same time.

How do these people get that much power without first doing the job at a high level?

McNair, we need answers.

Anyways, today McNair told McClain and Schefter: “Let me reiterate: Jack will not be our general manager,” McNair said. “But he will have a significant role in helping shape our future here within the Texans.”


According to the Texans website, for what that’s worth, McNair is correct. Easterby “manages all football operations and directs the overall culture of the organization.”

If that’s his role, shouldn’t the Texans be looking for a different culture? Easterby was running things while O’Brien was with the team, and McNair already fired O’Brien.


Last week, the team’s communications chief, Amy Palcic, was fired for lack of a “cultural fit.”

This is pointing in one direction: the Texans need to clean house.

Everyone needs to go.

And it might need to start with McNair. I mean, when you make comments like this:

“(Easterby) is going to be an incredibly valuable part of our franchise moving forward as he works with our next general manager and head coach.”


How is that possible when the team’s culture is something people want to stay clear of?

For goodness sake, what is the Texans’ culture in the first place? We know it is not one of accountability. Nor one of winning. They are 2-7, after all.


And I hate to drop this here, but Easterby signed off on a trade in March to send DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for RB David Johnson, who was seemingly in jeopardy at the time of being cut by the Cardinals.

That is the reputation of Easterby. You can’t separate him from O’Brien. They are joined at the hip.


So what are you hanging on to him for?

It might be time for McNair to fire Easterby and then fire himself.

If the goal is for fans to be proud of the product on the field, the incompetence at the top of the ladder can’t stand. The Texans’ culture change needs to come from the top down.