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What Do You Do When 5,000 People Want To Use Your Loo?

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Where would you least like to live? Next to a toxic waste dump? Across the street from Dennis Rodman's house? Downtown Kabul? We've got one for you; the tiny German village of Iffezheim is faced with the prospect of having 5,000 English soccer fans encamped nearby during the World Cup. From an article in The Guardian (found through Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, which is on top of your World Cup news like nobody's business):

At an angry, three-hour parish council meeting on Monday evening, some 800 locals spoke out against plans to build a giant camp to accommodate England supporters in the village for four weeks during the tournament in June and July. The proposal to have 5,000 England supporters camping out in the car park of the local racetrack has gone down badly.


"It's a small place. The racecourse is 200 metres away from my front door. You can't just plonk 5,000 England fans there," said Hans-Jürgen Eckert, a parish councillor.

Feh, we say. Five thousand British soccer fans camping out for four weeks, drinking? What could possibly go wrong?

Up In Arms About England Fans [Guardian Unlimited] (via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.)

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