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What Drove Adeiny Hechavarria To Make This Preposterous Grab? Revenge.

Hechavarria came over from Toronto in the big Buehrle-Reyes-Johnson trade, and given the chance to play every day, his defense has been uneven but occasionally spectacular. Last night was one of those occasions.

Hechavarria skyed for this liner off the bat of Cody Asche in the sixth inning of Miami's extra-inning win over the Phillies, well aware that Asche had stolen a hit from him a half-inning earlier.

When Asche stepped in, Hechavarria turned to double play partner Donovan Solano to confirm this was the Phillies' third baseman — the guy who made a nice play in the top of the inning to rob Hechavarria of a bunt single.


"I caught it out of the anger I had because the hitter was the guy who made the play on my bunt," Hechavarria said. "I concentrated hard just in case something came close to me. I propelled myself up so high and I think it was because of my desire to get that guy out."


If your Hechavarria lust isn't sated, the video above also tags on a spectacular diving stop to save a run later in the game.

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