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What Exactly Did LeBron James Do To Earn A Technical Here?

Poor LeBron, never getting the calls, always being targeted by the refs. But that's life in bizarro preseason, where the Raptors are 5-1, the Lakers are 0-6, and the Bobcats get every whistle against the Heat.

Toward the end of the second half, with James driving the lane, Charlotte's Gerald Henderson slid over to try and take his charge. He maybe didn't quite have his feet set, while James maybe embellished the contact a little. The whistle? A personal foul on Bismack Biyombo for slapping James's arm, and a technical foul on LeBron for...something.

"I got fouled and got a technical," said James. Asked what the referees told him, he said, "They didn't tell me nothing."


Explanations were not forthcoming from fourth-year ref Marat Kogut, and Erik Spoelstra racked up his own technical for arguing the call. The Heat broadcasters speculated that James might have been T'd up under the NBA's new flopping rules, but those are supposed to be enforced after the game, not during. So we're stuck with a mystery. No, not a mystery; just an inexplicable NBA call, which is the most natural thing in the world.

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