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What Is Sadder Than The Lakers' 72-Year-Old Backcourt? Let's Discuss!

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So now, having watched a team led by a 27-year-old superstar beat a team led by a pair of 23-year-old superstars in the NBA Finals, the Lakers have produced their own blueprint for returning to championship form: pairing a 38-year-old former MVP point guard with their 34-year-old former MVP shooting guard. And now Steve Nash is reportedly lobbying Grant Hill—who is fresh off platelet treatment on his bum knee and who turns 40 this year—to join him and Kobe Bryant.


But is the Lakers' Geezer Initiative really that hopeless, compared to the moves we've seen this offseason? We'd rank it no worse than fifth, in the Sadness Rankings:

1. Wizards trade Rashard Lewis to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza.
2. Raptors sign Landry Fields to a $20 million offer sheet.
3. Whatever the Knicks end up doing.
4. Clippers pick up Lamar Odom and enter a bidding war for Ray Allen's age-38 season.
5. Nash to the Lakers.


Too sad? Not sad enough? Debate!

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