This is just one of the many completely insane image macros that can currently be found at From what I can gather, this site is run by a crazy person who believes two things very strongly: Nike is an evil, Godless corporation, and Kevin Durant is the devil.

Why does whoever is behind this website think that Nike is evil? The sweatshops? The soulless corporate practices? Not even close!


In addition to breaking the first commandment of God and being named in honor of the pagan goddess Nike (the swoosh represents the wing of that goddess/demon)...

1. NIKE is one of the most vocal corporate advocates for abortion in America.

2. NIKE fully embraces the homosexual, bisexual and transgender political and social agenda in the workplace and beyond, and advocates for same-sex marriage - creating a PAC fund to donate $280,000 to the current effort in Oregon to redefine the institution away from the biblical male-female relationship.

3. NIKE does not use the word "Christmas" in its seasonal promotions.

Very cool. As for the Kevin Durant hatred, well that is clearly and concisely explained by an endless string of images. A sampling:

Makes u think.

h/t James