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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It's a Mike Golic. The "Mike and Mike" show now has its own website and is running daily photo caption contests for their listeners and ESPN readers. (No Facebook direct connectedness is available. Yet.) The comments have so far been predictably ESPN commenter-like. Observe:

• # "I never realized remembering our anniversary was so important to my wife."

• "Visions of Brady Quinn dancing in my head. Sweet dreams Baby!!"

• "This economy has hit some of us harder than others"

• "When I signed on for this gig, they promised me a corner office, a couch, one of those Swedish "memory foam" pillows and an extra-extra-large Notre Dame fleece blanket. Well, as you can see, I'm still waiting."


Plucky. But this is the type of photo caption that requires a little more verve, some pizazz or, you know, tasteless profanity mixed with playful cruelty. Whatever makes you happy. Fire when ready.


Tomorrow: Page redesign comes stumbling out of the gate tomorrow (allegedly) so everyone will be very confused. Point and laugh (or, most likely, yell in the comments) about the new view. We'll work through it together. Oh, and Drew will be here to numb the pain.


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