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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It's March, which means that just about every site has to have some sort of bracket competition to find the champion band, hot girl, food item, or whatever. Everything that can be bracketed probably has been, including fish (32 fish: only one can be the toughest), so let's wrap it up here, with these. First, it's the Badass Bracket, where voting begins on Friday and you can finally decide who would win in a fight: Sonny Corleone or Tony Soprano. Then, for a sense of balance and proportion, it's March Gayness over at the Malcontent, where the field of 64 gay-themed blogs are down to the Sweet 16.


Vote early, vote often! But try not to mix them up. If we see Planet Homo crushing Snake Plissken, we'll know you weren't really paying attention.

Badass Bracket []
March Gayness: Round of 32 [The Malcontent]

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