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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

What Mysterious (And Heroic) Injury Is Tim Tebow Hiding?

Illustration for article titled What Mysterious (And Heroic) Injury Is Tim Tebow Hiding?

Tebow missed practice! TEBOW MISSED PRACTICE! Something about a stiff back, which shouldn't be a problem for a running quarterback with weak mechanics. But it doesn't matter because he's a walking M.A.S.H. unit that you cannot keep off the field.


Now it can be told! Tim Tebow hurt his non-throwing shoulder in the season opener last year—no, it wasn't because that was when he carried you—and had to have pain-killing injections before every game. (Hmmm ... a Drug that Enhanced his ability to Perform football-related tasks? Nothing wrong with that!) Oh, and that same shoulder bothered him the year before and he broke his hand in the Florida State game in 2007 and ... AND ... he broke his leg in high school and still played through that. Pain is not weakness leaving the body, it's the fuel that feeds his robot power cells.

So basically the guy is held together by string and rubber bands, but what is the media takeaway? He's even tougher than we thought! Wild horses could not drag him off the field. His character is so solid he doesn't need a helmet! He's basically accomplished everything in his life from a wheelchair and what's even more frightening is that he's now fully operational. (Unless he isn't! Maybe there's a new injury to hide, one that will make eventually make this upcoming season even more incredible in retrospect.)


His injuries make him more human, yet somehow also more immortal. Tremble, weaklings!

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(P.S. Wednesday is "What Would Tim Tebow Do?" Night at the Fort Myers Miracle game. I think what he would not do is attend a Fort Myers Miracle game.)

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