I'm not entirely sure what's going here, but I'll be damned if it isn't exciting. It comes to us from down under, where the first-place West Coast Eagles met the lowly Brisbane Lions this weekend in Australian Football League action. With the Lions trailing by three points in the closing moments, the Eagles' Jack Darling streaks down the field with no one ahead of him. That's where things get interesting. There are four goal posts; which set does he aim for? If he manages to kick it through, how many points is it worth? Will it be enough to ice the game for the Eagles? I have no idea, because I'm not Australian.

Give Brisbane's Niall McKeever credit for chasing Darling down just before the ball crosses the goal line and getting a hand on it. This is apparently significant, because the announcer gets very excited at this point. The referee (who appears to be wearing dress pants) makes some sort of emphatic signal, awarding the Eagles one point, and the ball is booted back the other way. Is it still a one-possession game? Is there enough time for Brisbane to pull off a comeback? Why are the players' shorts so short? So many questions.


Then Brisbane's James Polkinghorne gains possession of the ball after a scrum near the middle of the field and unleashes a booming kick from 60 meters out. It sails through the uprights for six points, and the Lions complete the upset. I think.