What One Man Can Possibly Overcome

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This is Darrell Mack, star running back for Utah, which plays in something called the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl tomorrow night against Navy. We've heard all kinds of stories about athletes overcoming hardships to succeed on grand stages, but, man, this guy, we have no idea how he makes through the day.

Check out what this guy has been through.

• His mother was a drug addict who was murdered with a lug wrench in 1995. Mack was 8.
• His father killed a woman by stabbing her 43 times in 2002 and is in prison for life. Mack was 15.
• Because of his family situation, he missed out on much of the first and second grades.
• He has dyslexia.
• Last week, the grandfather who helped raise him died of cancer.


Oh, and he lives in Utah now. (Sorry Jen P!)

We cannot fathom how someone can overcome stretching the limits of human suffering and still apply himself to something as basic and simple as running away from large men trying to tackle him. No offense, Navy, we love what you're doing for the country ... but it'll be pretty difficult not to root for this guy tomorrow. You know, if we were actually watching.


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