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What’s Better Than a Little WrestleMania Tank Sex?

One of the best moments in pro wrestling history just reached a whole other level of legendary status.

At Wrestlemania 31 in 2015, Rusev’s storyline against John Cena was a good old Russia-USA battle, and to play that up to the fullest, “Ravishing Russian” Lana, Rusev’s manager, entered the stadium to the Soviet national anthem, carrying the United States title belt and followed by goose-stepping soldiers carrying a giant Russian flag.


Then, in came Rusev, riding an actual tank while waving a Russian flag of his own. It doesn’t matter at all that Rusev lost his first match in WWE, and the championship along with it. He and Lana won the moment.

But, apparently, that wasn’t the most memorable part of the night. See, Miroslavv Barnyashev, aka Rusev, and C.J. Perry, aka Lana, are married in real life, and Perry shared some very personal details on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

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Screenshot: Instagram: thelanawwe

“We just had sex in the Black Sea @tobemiro !” she wrote.

Congrats on the sex.

“And on the tank at Wrestlemania!!!”

Legends, both of them.

Barnyashev, who isn’t really Russian, but Bulgarian, and now an American citizen, retired from wrestling earlier this year. Perry remains active in WWE, but really, what more can a person possibly hope to achieve in the industry after having sex on a tank at Wrestlemania?

Sorry to all the other Jesse Spectors for ruining your Google results.