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What Soccer Needs Is More Kicks To The Face

Bolivian soccer has it figured out. When an opposing player elbows you during a fight for the ball, don't take a wailing, overdramatic dive. Just wait until halftime and then give him a flying boot to the head.

Sergio Jauregui of Blooming caught an elbow from Leonardo Medina of Oriente in a Bolivian league match this weekend and he retaliated by chasing after Medina and knocking him to the ground. But he wasn't satisfied with that. So as Medina was making his way to the tunnel at halftime, Jauregui came flying out of nowhere and put his cleat right in Medina's chin. That'll learn him.

Okay, so maybe knocking a guy out and forcing him into 12 days of bed rest is a little extreme, but at least when the stretcher came out on the field he actually needed it.


Bolivian flying head kick! [Dirty Tackle]

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