What The Hell Are The Saints Doing?

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Chip Kelly's busy gutting the Eagles roster and reshaping it to his liking, but let's turn to the Saints, who are just throwing shit all over the office this week.

Tight end Jimmy Graham, who just got a big contract last summer: gone to the Seahawks. Pro Bowl guard Ben Grubbs: traded to the Chiefs for a fifth-round pick. Promising receiver Kenny Stills: shipped to the Dolphins for a linebacker and a third-round pick. Oh, and after re-signing running back Mark Ingram to a deal, New Orleans went out and got another running back in C.J. Spiller. Is the new football trend just hoarding running backs?


One theory is that the Saints are doing their best to fix their cap situation. Drew Brees has ridiculous money coming his way over the next two seasons, and since he hasn't restructured yet, he probably won't be restructuring. Moving Grubbs frees up some space. Stills, however, is on his rookie deal. He's making about half a million this year. Though the Saints admittedly received a nice return for Stills—a third-round pick for a receiver picked in the fifth round—why would they feel compelled to move him after just two seasons?


If Beasley's information is accurate, that explains those trades. But Brees clearly liked Graham, who—again—just signed a new deal last year. The Saints got center Max Unger out of the trade with Seattle, but why give up one of the best tight ends so quickly?

And while GM Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton molding the roster into... whatever it is they want it to look like, let's not forget that owner Tom Benson is still in the center of a legal struggle in which sides of his family are disputing his mental health. The Saints are currently a baffling mess.


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