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What The Hell Is Bill Walton Talking About?

Poor Dave Pasch. The ESPN college basketball play-by-play artist is repeatedly stuck with an increasingly unhinged Bill Walton, and last night's broadcast of the Arizona-UCLA game at Pauley Pavilion got weird again as Walton rambled on about who-knows-what.


We challenge you to watch the above clip and make any sense of where Walton was going. What started off as an innocent discussion of people who share the same birthday—albeit one in the second half of a two-point game involving the top ranked team in college basketball—turned into some sort of crypto-infomercial on behalf of the Los Angeles County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Maybe? We've watched it six or seven times now and still don't quite know what Walton was headed toward. As usual, Pasch got things back on track. He truly is the border collie of ESPN broadcasters. [ESPN]

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