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What The Hell's Going On In This Picture Of Aaron Rodgers Sucking Toes?

The gang over at Shot of Ginn got their hands on a weird, weird picture of Aaron Rodgers sucking on an unknown woman's toes. The photo raises many questions, not the least of which is: why? Your guess is as good as ours.

The picture is apparently from the wedding of former Packers teammate Terrence Murphy's wedding a few years back. Internet forensics suggests it may be from around 2009. Here's a group picture showing Rodgers wearing the same shirt, glasses, and bandana as the toe-sucker.


I'll say this, as someone with zero experience sucking toes, Rodgers seems to have pretty good technique. The way he holds the ankle, while also supporting the calf, seems like it would make the suckee very comfortable, while also aiding mobility for the suckor.

[Shot of Ginn]

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