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We're in full-on scandal mode now. Which media outlets have gone whole hog, and which have only gone sad, semi-flaccid hog? Here's your daily roundup of reactions.

•From totally silent on the issue, to making it their own story: ESPN talks with Favre, who says he'll talk to Roger Goodell if need be. When asked about the accuracy of the allegations, Favre said only: "that will take its course." It will indeed.


The Star Tribune finally gets around to covering it, although most commenters are convinced everything has been leaked by the Jets. Right, because gaining a mental edge in a regular season game is more important than opening yourself up to potential sexual harassment lawsuits.

•Stupid theory? Elizabeth Hasselbeck agrees with it.

The Pioneer Press is trying to pretend none of this ever happened, just writing about how the controversy will mean big TV ratings for tonight's game because "he's just a compelling figure that people are fascinated by."


Darnell Dockett weighs in, noting a certain sextee's alma mater, and figuring that Favre will never get in trouble.

•Jason Whitlock, of all people, takes Favre's defenders to task for sexism. When Whitlock is the voice of reason, you know you're all nuts.


USA Today has a nice roundup of the television coverage, including Peter King's opinion that even if the league finds that Favre did it, he still might not be suspended.

The Daily News tries to coin the phrase "Deadspingate." Sorry, doesn't really have the same ring to it as donggate, cockgate, or patheticallydesperatevoicemailgate.


•A Bleacher Report "writer" says this whole scandal signals the death of journalism. Please. Bleacher Report has been fucking the corpse for years now.

•Hey, even The Today Show is getting in on this. Bonus: AJ's tasteful living room!


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