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What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today

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At long last, the media has football-related Favre matters to write about. But did they cover his pick-6, or his pic-4"?


•Both New York tabloids had some fun with their back covers, but we'll give the nod to the Post for their front page, above.

•But while it took the Post until the third sentence of their game story to mention the scandal, the Daily News got right to it in the first line.


The Star Tribune waited until the seventh paragraph of their game story to mention it, but prefer to use his elbow tendinitis as an excuse for his play.

•Favre himself had absolutely nothing to say about the allegations or the NFL's investigation. Oh Brett. Your eyes, and your cock, say more than words ever could.

•William Rhoden, who'll never hesitate to take the side of an athlete, says it's time for Favre to hang it up — whether he wants to or not.

•ESPN New York reports that Favre is a little pissed that word of his tearful apology to teammates leaked out. Tarvaris, you sneakly little jackanapes.


•Forbes estimates that between endorsement deals and speaking engagements, Favre could stand to lose upwards of $100 million over his career. So think of our scuzziness as just having contributed to the economy.

•Darren Rovell, on the other hand, thinks Wrangler might keep him around anyway." Don't expect to see him pitching relaxed fit jeans, though. No need.


•Daulerio on Access Hollywood? Daulerio on Access Hollywood.

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