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We have no idea whether this site is bull or not โ€” that it just launched yesterday makes us a tad suspicious, we'll admit โ€” but, honestly, who cares: Someone has launched a blog that's only blind items about athletes. If it's real, if it's not real, it's a blind item! Like anybody believes them anyway!

That said, we take them Ultra Seriously. Ahem. Here's a sample one:

This beloved catcher sure likes to play games with his other women. When he's not accusing them of messing around on him (the nerve!), he's denying their existence at the hotel, making them cry, and playing mind games with their confused little heads. Looks like he's playing games on AND off the field ...

Well, it's not Mike Piazza, because the 12th word isn't "men." (Come on, Mike, we kid. Kind of.) Are there any other beloved catchers? How about another one?

This "religious" AL Easter prefers to hook up with girls through... different means than his teammates. A source tells us that he isn't even responsive to girls he once felt attracted to โ€” never answering their messages, never calling back... could it be "CHRISTIAN GUILT" kicking in?


Hmm. This could be missing the line, "Tends to not get along with men with huge heads." Hey, even if this blog is fake, this guessing game is fun. Wanna play?


On the DL [Blogspot] (via ohnotheydidnt)