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He's the multi-millionaire (but not quite a billionaire) sporting the cowboy hat on his head and God-knows-what on his torso, and he happens to sit courtside at a terrifyingly astounding number of NBA games, sometimes carrying European models, all the time hobnobbing with the league's superstars. Meet Jim Goldstein!

Earlier today, we featured a photo of Goldstein. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, a sparkling gold jacket and a skin-tight pink shirt that matched his belt. Daulerio referred to him as "that little thing seated behind the Cavs' bench," referring to the fact that he stood an arm's length away from Mike Brown. In the last few hours, we've learned plenty about Goldstein (cited as James, Jim and Jimmy). He's been the feature of full-length magazine profiles and newspaper features, he's friends with David Stern and knows about 75 percent of the league's players, he likely made his fortune in real estate and he lives in pretty much the sweetest house ever built.


Enough of Wikipedia, though. Here are five Goldstein facts and anecdotes you won't find on his Wikipedia page:

1. He's not one to kiss and tell.

Wilt famously counted his successes. Do you have your own mark?

We often went out with girls together. But I believe in quality over quantity.


2. His hobby ain't cheap.

This is a familiarity that Goldstein has certainly earned — or at least paid good money for. He easily spends six figures to attend between 110 and 120 games per year and often finds himself living out of hotels during the playoffs, trying to catch as many games as possible and even scurrying to get to two cities in a single day.


3. Jack Nicholson has nothing on him.

Do you get jealous of all the attention Jack Nicholson gets when he goes to games?

I don't care when they show him on camera, but it bothers me when people say, "Oh, you're as big a fan as Jack Nicholson." He goes to maybe 25 games a year. I go to about 115. He doesn't even go to Clippers games. We're not in the same ballpark.


4. He doesn't really have a job.

Goldstein hands out over-sized business cards. Under his name his occupation is listed: Fashion. Architecture. Basketball.


5. PETA isn't his biggest fan.

He has worn ostrich leather jackets, designer jeans, exotic leather boots and wide-brimmed hats. One time during a game, Shaq snatched Goldstein's python leather hat from his head and put it on. Shaq also appreciates fashionable headwear.


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