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Whatever Jenn Sterger Is Doing At The Daily, Please, God, Make It Stop

Jenn Sterger is sorta-famous for two reasons. First, she got herself on TV at FSU games wearing low-cut outfits. Second, she received photos of a penis that was almost certainly attached to Brett Favre. That's not what one would call a distinguished resume. But it's good enough to land a job at The Daily.

For several months, Sterger has been appearing in awkward, useless sports videos for the Murdoch-owned iPad publication. Sterger learns to fly fish in Colorado. Sterger learns to rock climb at Chelsea Piers. Sterger warbles painfully while reading voice over. She's so graceless in all of these that you have to wonder if they wouldn't improve by simply cutting her out.

I don't even know what to make of her latest effort, which is little more than a celebration of the freakish height of Paul "Tiny" Sturgess, a 7-foot-8-inch Brit who talks like a cockney version of Andre the Giant and might be able to dunk without jumping. Sterger meets Sturgess at the top of the Empire State Building because, duh, it's the tallest building in town. This is a stunt, a carnie act. And that'd be fine if it were at least interesting. Unfortunately, it's terrible.

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