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What's In And Out For 2008?

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Continuing his New Year's tradition going back into the last decade, Dan Shanoff weighs in with some trend-spotting: What's "out" with 2007 and "in" for 2008. Goodbye: Durant, Tebow, Dice-K, Saban, competitive eating and Reilly. Hello: Love, Pryor, Fuk-U, Rod, competitive drinking and B.D. Drew. And so many, many more. Full list follows:


Out: 756

In: 19-0

Out: Adrian Peterson

In: Darren McFadden

Out: YouTube laterals

In: YouTube confessionals

Out: Nick Saban

In: Rich Rodriguez

Out: Kevin Durant

In: Kevin Love

Out: Air Zoom LeBron IV

In: Air Jordan XXXIII

Out: Tim Tebow (WTF?!)

In: Terrelle Pryor

Out: Butler

In: Dayton

Out: Open-wheel drivers jump to NASCAR

In: Top-tier boxers jump to MMA

Out: Steve Nash

In: Derrick Rose

Out: Mainstream sportswriters go online

In: Sports bloggers go mainstream

Out: Eva Longoria

In: Evan Longoria

Out: Wrigley Field

In: AON Wrigley Field

Out: MLB PED scandal

In: PGA PED scandal

Out: Kige Ramsey

In: Pac-Man Jones TV

Out: Jesus in the clubhouse

In: Jews in the front office

Out: The Big Lead

In: Awful Announcing

Out: Boston sports success

In: God, anything but Boston sports success

Out: Michael Vick

In: Roger Clemens

Out: Rick Reilly

In: Big Daddy Drew

Out: Women's World Cup

In: EuroCup

Out: "Blades of Glory"

In: "Semi-Pro"

Out: Rick Ankiel

In: Jacoby Ellsbury

Out: Gilbert Arenas

In: Rod Benson

Out: Billy Donovan

In: Bruce Pearl

Out: Ron Jaworski joins MNF

In: Tony Kornheiser leaves MNF

Out: Trade Kobe

In: Trade Dirk

Out: Greg Oden sits out

In: Greg Oden suits up

Out: Competitive eating

In: Competitive drinking

Out: Michelle Wie

In: Tadd Fujikawa

Out: Fanhouse

In: Sporting Blog

Out: Mark McGwire

In: Goose Gossage

Out: White House mountain biking

In: White House pick-up hoops

Out: George Steinbrenner

In: Hank Steinbrenner

Out: ESPN Mobile

In: ESPN 360

Out: Schilling's blog

In: Canseco's new book

Out: Charlie Weis

In: Brady Quinn

Out: Isiah Thomas

In: Clay Bennett

Out: The Beckhams

In: The Bradys

Out: Daisuke Matsuzaka

In: Kosuke Fukudome

Out: Joakim Noah

In: Tyler Hansbrough

Out: Erin Andrews

In: Bear Grylls

Out: Olympic safety

In: Olympic smog

Out: NBA refs who gamble

In: Tennis players who gamble

Out: Hope Solo

In: Dara Torres

Out: Canceling "Cold Pizza"

In: Canceling Dennis Miller

Out: Yardbarker

In: Ballhype

Out: '77 Yankees

In: '68 Tigers

Out: Mitchell Report

In: "God Save The Fan"

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