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What's More Fun Than Sprinting California Rolls?

It's a lazy, post-Finals Thursday morning, with the sports world mostly taking a deep breath to relax over the next month and a half. We're going to spend most of our day waiting for our parents' plane to arrive and trying to direct them through the vagaries of the New York City subway system. (Honestly: Parents should always take cabs.) So, as we wake up and shake off the cobwebs, we can think of no better way to start our day than ballpark racing sushi.

You have to love Canada. Here, we have racing sausage. There, pieces of sushi run around the field. We are rooting against Wasabi.


We are wondering what different foods/items different cities might have, if Canada's so damn big about sushi. In Los Angeles, do they just have different varieties of oxygen run around? How is oxygen personified, anyway?

So yeah. Good morning.

Opening Night At The Nat [Orland Kurtenblog]

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