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What's On Peter Gammons' iPod?

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If you don't have ESPN Insider, well, you miss out not just on Bill Simmons mailbags from late 2002, but also various "blogs" from Buster Olney, John Clayton and our man Peter Gammons. We always enjoy Gammons' blog, if you can call something a blog that's really just feature stories that are a little shorter than your average feature story.

On the whole, Gammons eschews the Peter King School For Revelation Of Personal Minutiae for more This General Manager Is A Brilliant Man And This Prospect Is Going To Blow Your Mind business. But yesterday, out of nowhere, Gammons decided to tell us What's On His iPod.


Gammons, of course, is renowned for his rockability, particular his rather fierce love for Pearl Jam. And not surprisingly, of Gammons' 20 songs, two songs from Vedder and Company make the list. What else rocks Gammons' balls off?

• "Mr. Brightside," The Killers
• "This Is Us," Emmylou Harris
• "Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley," Robert Palmer
• "Riding in the Backseat," The Gentlemen.

This got us to thinking: What's on the iPods of other ESPN personalities? Some guesses:

Sean Salibury, "Tell Me Why," Backstreet Boys
Gary Miller, anything by R. Kelly
Stephen A. Smith, ANYTHING LOUD


A Top-20 iPod Countdown [ESPN Insider]

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