Fox Sports 1 is launching this week and enjoying an endless parade of good publicity as a self-styled alternative to ESPN, but how are things at yesterday's self-styled alternative to ESPN, 20-month-old NBC Sports Network? NBCSN will have Premier League soccer this weekend, so that's something. But even NBC Sports president of programming Jon Miller concedes that, live sports aside, it's been a bit of a slough. Here's Miller in an interview with Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder:

As far as one area to improve, clearly the original programming area is a challenge that we continue to work on. We've had some successes with shows like NFL Turning Point. We recently did a show called Shark Hunters that was very well received. But we continue to work hard to develop that original studio programming that we know is very important to the success of a 24/7 cable network.

Shark Hunters! What else? Let's refer to the spookily well-connected @TVSportsRTGS for more. Let's start with yesterday:

Babe Winkleman is a fishing show, apparently. What about last Wednesday?


Fishing and guns! (Also: Deadly Passions? Deadly Passions is a Shannon Tweed movie, not a show about picking off Bambi's dad.) Trash it up, NBC!

OK, now to last Monday:


And Sunday:

And this would include about five weeks of data for the third quarter:


Guns, fishing and Ted Lasso. NBCSN is 'Murica's sports network.