When All Else Fails, Just Punch Brad Miller In The Face

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The Boston-Chicago series had its third overtime game last night and they might still be playing now if Rajon Rando hadn't decided to just end the charade and slug Brad Miller in the mouth.

In case you missed it, Miller was driving for the game-winning bucket with two seconds left in overtime, when Rondo reached from behind and non-seductively put his fingers in Miller's mouth. Miller was bleeding and clearly loopy and had to have battle stitches quickly put in his mouth, but went back to free thrown line (80% shooter!) where he promptly missed them both (the second intentionally.) So the Celtics now lead the series 3-2.


Putting aside the question of whether it was a flagrant foul or not (it was), does it bug anyone else that a player would be praised for a smart, clutch foul? Rondo "saved the day" and "did what he had to do" to win the game? I thought playing defense was what you had to do. Rondo basically admitted, "He was bigger than me, so I had to foul him."

Is that the amazing happening?

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