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When An Old Athlete Is Put Out To Stud

Nothing in sports makes us feel older than when an athlete retires; often, we remember when they first came into the league, and realize that an entire career has passed while we slowly lurched closer to death. It's an uplifting feeling.

Yesterday, Craig Biggio celebrate the announcement of his end-of-season retirement by hitting a grand slam. Nice. Randy Johnson, on the other hand, is frustrated — so unlike him! — and is openly talking about never playing again.


Johnson, we understand, because he's 43 and built like Uwe Blab. But Biggio, Biggio will be eternally young for us. We know his skills have faded, but that doesn't mean we can't struggle to come to terms with the fact that we remember when Craig Biggio was a young catcher, and now he's too old to play. Which makes us too old to do lots of things.

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