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When Baseball Players Act Like They Want To Fight

In the wake of Roger Clemens' "Look at ME!" announcement yesterday, the fact that the Yankees and Mariners had a pseudo "lemme at 'em!" brawl was entirely lost. (Same thing with the Brewers-Prince Fielder skirmish.) But nothing beats a bench-clearing tussle, mainly because rarely are punches actually thrown, and it's funny to watch grown men pretending like they want to fight each other.

Anyway, Bugs And Cranks puts together an All-Star team of baseball brawlers, and this team might make us legitimately quake in our spikes and hide behind an elderly bullpen coach. One nominee:

Ben Christensen (minor league award) — Though once a top prospect, Ben never made the majors, but we share a home town so I'm a bit biased. In a minor league game, Ben drilled the on-deck batter in a college game nearly causing the guy to go blind. That kind of ruthlessness can only be an asset in a beanball war.


We had forgotten about Christensen: Excellent choice. We'd have to think Milton Bradley would show up here somewhere, though.

And In This Corner ... [Bugs And Cranks]

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