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When Bloggers And Fathers Collide

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Imagine the plights of two people.

First: You are a father. You raised your children what you thought was the correct way, and your daughter ended up heading to Florida State University. One day, you spot her on television; look, honey, it's Jenn! And next thing you know, she's everywhere, and everywhere she is, she's wearing no clothing. You're proud of her taking advantage of an opportunity ... but that's a bit more of your daughter's breasts than you expected to be seeing.


Then, the other: A writer for a Web site — some might even call you a "blogger" — who decides that he can no longer sit idly by while online dorks drool over a glorified groupie with breast implants and a knack for self-promotion. You write up a vitriolic screed explaining exactly why this "Jenn Sterger" is everything that is wrong with America. You exhale, pleased, feeling better.

And then ... the plights of the two people meet.

"most of your posts are just pure made up bullshit that you pathetic folks had to dream up in an attempt to build your low self esteem! The following comments are not coming from any of the Warchant LR faithful, or from any of her friends, but rather from someone that has watched her for all of her life - me, Leo Sterger, her father. "

Uh, yeah. The whole sordid — and ultimately uplifting — tale of what happened next can be found right here. Enjoy.

Leo Sterger, Gabriel Morency, And The Last Thing I Am Writing About The FSU Cowgirl EVER [White Dade]

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