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When Did Fernando Tatis Come Back?

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Forgive us here, but we couldn't help but wonder, upon seeing highlights of the Mets' 12th-inning win over the Marlins last night ... Fernando Tatis is back in baseball? Wha?

Tatis, of course, is most famous for the game in April 1999 when he hit two grand slams off Chan Ho Park in the same inning; we've always thought it was more noteworthy that Park could conceivably be in the game to give up two slams in the same inning in the first place. (Thanks, Showalter!) Since then, everything's pretty much gone wrong for Tatis. The Cardinals grew tired of him, he was always injured, he was rumored to be in the Mitchell Report and he fell to the point that he was out of baseball for two years and joined Chan Ho to play for the New Orleans Zephyrs.

And then, last night, he had his first ever walk-off hit to help the Mets save Willie Randolph's job for one more night.


We love it when old-time baseball players come back for one last go-around; as much as we might have disliked Sammy Sosa, it was kind of fun to see him back last year. (And he's finally announcing that he's going to retire ... eventually!) Come on, Big Mac ... you got one more comeback in ya!

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