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This Frank Solich GHB/DUI story? Honestly, it's a gift that keeps on giving.


Local newspaper The Athens News did a little research on Solich's claim that he was dosed with GHB, and apparently toxicologists don't buy Solich's story.

"It is absolutely not possible to find such an amount of GHB in hair after a single exposure (nor chronic exposure)," wrote Dr. Pascal Kintz by e-mail. "Something is wrong."

What's the implication here? Another toxicologists writes "the lab finding is suggestive of external contamination as a result of physical application. Although, I can't be absolutely sure that the test was conducted properly with washing prior to the test, or if the coach doped his own hair." That's right: Scientists suspect that Solich might have doped himself.


Ohio. Seriously.

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(So it's clear, this is not video of Solich's arrest. Pity.)