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When Great Britain And Ireland Meet Up In Women's Boxing, You Can Bet Somebody's Getting The Snot Punched Out Of Them

Boxing's been an Olympic event since 1904, but you won't see any boxers from the olden days showing up under the Irish flag because back then Ireland had yet to recover its freedom. While things have calmed down somewhat since The Troubles, a sports rivalry will likely always exist between the Brits and the Irish, especially in a sport both nations hold to be especially dear: boxing.

Women's boxing, meanwhile, is new to the Games this year, but the womens' bouts have had just as much punch (pun intended) as the men, and with perhaps less scandal (knock on wood). Here's one shot from Ireland's Katie Taylor in her quarterfinal win against Great Britain's Natasha Jonas, a punch that quite literally knocked the snot out of Jones.


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