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When He Was A Player, The Marlins' New Manager Did Basically Everything Naked

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Mike Redmond is the new administrative face of the failed Marlins. He got that job presumably because he's a reliable, steadfast leader. A grit guy. A scrapper. A serious fellow, unlike Ozzie, that putz.


But because we have short baseball memories, and because we never followed the Marlins or Twins, we didn't realize that Redmond is a glorious weirdo. The Minneapolis Star Tribune explains how he used to be a pillar of the clubhouse in other ways:

In the beginning, there was the Naked Walk, and it was good.

Twins catcher Mike Redmond would stand near his locker before a game and announce that he needed coffee. He would strip, then troll for caffeine and attention.

Soon, the Naked Walk was not enough. "You've got to keep it fresh," he said.

So when his teammates became accustomed to the Naked Walk, he would step onto the card table holding their cribbage game and strut above them on his way to the kitchen. "I got a little nervous," bullpen coach Rick Stelmaszek said, "when he walked over the table and nobody bothered to look. They don't bat an eye at him anymore."

He also used to do this, when he was on the Marlins, from the Sun-Sentinel:

It will be will be fun to see if he brings back naked flips. Flips is another term hitters use for soft toss. Someone tosses baseballs toward a batter, who swats them into the netting or toward the opposite end of the batting cage. In 2003, Redmond put a distinctive spin on the drill. Hoping to get the Marlins out of a losing streak, he headed into the cage wearing nothing but socks and spikes and batting gloves, and proceeded to take what became known as "naked flips."

Oh, holy god. We're now really scared about the 2013 Marlins.