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When Internet Browsers Devour Amazing Prose About Rick Reilly

Oh my sweet God. I had a really, really poignant article about Rick Reilly, the movie Leatherheads, and more thoughts on his comments about bloggers. Then of course, Firefox just had to crash at that very moment in history.


I swear, it was really good. As long as you're believing me, I could go as far to say it was the most remarkable piece of writing in the history of the printing press. But essentially the moral of the story was to say that we should all relax about what Reilly and others say, because sportswriters aren't generally out to please the sports bloggers, and the reverse is also true, yet we have this symbiotic relationship that makes it work. It would have cured cancer (or at least lymphoma), brought happiness to the depressed, laughter to the sullen, and coconuts to Alaska.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to disown my current web browser and switch to Safari or Camino.

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