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A confounding incident involving the Miami Dolphins' Will Allen at a Miami Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot has the veteran cornerback being questioned by local police. There are conflicting stories and it's not entirely clear what the beef was about, but there is some speculation:

"We have two stories regarding an incident that occurred on Friday afternoon in the parking lot of Bed, Bath & Beyond on University Drive," [Lt. Wiliam]Coyne said. "There was a dispute over money. We are investigating the statements of both parties." ...[A] report on WPLG-Channel 10 alleged that Allen borrowed money to pay gambling debts. When repayment was demanded, the person claimed Allen pulled a gun. Police would not confirm the report.


So, for all anybody knows at this point, Allen could've been involved in a troublesome situation involving a shady debt-collector who likes to handle his business in a public parking lot should a client actually pull a gun on him. Or, we completely underestimate how seriously NFL players and loan sharks take their sales on outdoor linens right before Memorial Day.

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