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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

When The NCAA Tournament Destroys You

In bars all across North America, sports fans packed in Thursday and Friday to drink heavily, call their bookies and shuffle through disorganized bracket sheets, cursing and yelling and generally making glorious fools of themselves. It is, as we were just reminded, the best two-day stretch in sports.

But there's a downside, of course, and anyone who was a fan of Kansas, Michigan State and, yes, Iowa can tell you how much pain this tournament can wreak. Above, via Extra Points, is a video of Iowa fans converging at a bar in Columbia, Mo., ready to cheer their Hawkeyes to an easy first-round victory.


And then everything went wrong, in a second. That second is captured, and in that second, you see all that's great and terrible about this tournament. Ooof.

Sucks To Be Hawkeyes Fans [Extra Points]