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Which Experts Predicted A Red Sox-Cardinals World Series?

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Republished with permission from PunditTracker.

With two storied franchises making the 2013 Fall Classic, let’s take a look at which of the 63 experts we tracked this year (from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Yahoo, and Fox) pegged the series correctly.


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Well, how’s this for embarassing: 0 of the 63 so-called experts had both the Red Sox and Cardinals in the World Series.


Perhaps this is not a huge surprise, as Vegas gave each team less than a 10% probability of making the Series. So let’s lower the bar considerably and look at the pundits who picked either the Red Sox OR the Cardinals to make it.

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You guessed it — zero. Not one. We know baseball has been the toughest sport to predict in recent years, but the pundits truly reached a new level of futility this year.

So which teams did the experts pick? Here were the aggregate predictions:

AL Pennant NL PennantWorld Series Champion
39: DET44: WAS28: WAS
12: TB10: CIN23: DET
06: TOR05: LAD04: CIN
06: LAA04: ATL03: LAA
03: TB
01: TOR
01: LAD

To see all the individual pundit predictions, click here.

If you’d like to make your own pick for the World Series (both Game 1 and the overall winner), head over to our MLB section to start building a track record that everyone can see.


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