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Which NFL Owner Told His Players Not To Protest Because "This Is My Stage"? [Update]

Screencap via YouTube

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin went on Any Given Wednesday tonight, and dropped a tantalizing anecdote about how NFL owners have responded to player protests during the national anthem.

Baldwin said that several owners have given their players specific instructions about what they were and were not allowed to do during the anthem. One owner in particular told his players, “You’re gonna stand on the line with your hand on your heart, and you’re gonna sing the national anthem because this is my stage.”


Here is the clip:

Baldwin did not name the owner, and Simmons did not appear to ask who it was. So, reader, we open it up to you: who do you think said this to his team?

Update, 12:35 p.m. EDT, Oct. 6: As a few tipsters have pointed out, Doug Baldwin seems to have taken his quote from a fake viral Facebook post about Jerry Jones giving such a speech. Snopes recently debunked the post.

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