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Which Patriots Video Is Scarier?

With little on TV, it's time to partake in some of the Internet's finest available video pertaining to those with hard stances on the New England Patriots. Ahead of you are two videos of the Tube Belonging To You variety — one taking the "for" and one taking the extreme "against." It's a toss up as to which one's more frightening.

So let's meet our two entrants.

Contestant #1: Patriots Cheerleaders


What terrifies the children: They appear to have done this sober. Otherwise I'm sure Mrs. Pats Fan would have gotten a mouthful of Bostonian boot.

What it's got going for it: While this may be one of the lamest videos known to man, what saves it is their conviction during their idiocy. This is basically the same postulate that keeps me going on weekends.

Contestant #2: Remember The Cheatriots


What terrifies the children: Michael Strahan watching Tom Brady do that Spanish reporter chick in the bathroom.

What it's got going for it: You might remember this man's work earlier on Deadspin in the form of The 2007 Cowboys In 8 Seconds. The splicing of videos is clearly a little crude but it's far better than any of us could do.


Verdict — I'd probably go with the Patriots Cheerleaders as the one that would leave me sleeping fewer hours at night. What about you?


Rabid Fan Dancing [Eye On Foxborough]

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