Which Leagues Are Having The Most Success At The World Cup?

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For people who really know their shit about soccer, one of the fun bits of the World Cup is recognizing which club-level teammates and rivals are facing off for their various national squads. Which of these club leagues are best represented at this year's Cup? The New York Times built an elaborate web of club-level connections, but The Guardian interactive team has put together a simpler visualization comparing the number of players each league has in the World Cup with how many of these players are advancing to various rounds; just the top seven are shown above.

The Premier League sent the most players overall with 106, but about a third of those have already been eliminated, thanks largely to England and Spain's early exits. Serie A was originally number two, but Italy's recent exit booted 20 of the league's players. Mexico's Liga MX is doing quite well: All 25 of the players it sent—across five different national teams—are still in the tournament. Check out all 60 listed leagues over at The Guardian's site.


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