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Whimsical Local News Segment On The Vikings Turns Violent, Hilarious

Everyone in Minnesota was in a frenzy about the Vikings' rematch with the rival Packers yesterday. So, local news stations, why not send your reporters to fancy-looking restaurants to see how football-crazy the town is? As Edward R. Murrow said, "One can never go wrong with the two Fs and P. The two 'F's stand for 'football' and 'food,' the 'P' is for 'people,' FYI. (For your information)."

First up: Union Restaurant. It seems like a wonderful place to eat a meal. The atmosphere looks great, the staff seems pleasant and they even have an executive chef. As mixologist Johnny Michaels notes, "it sure is nice playing under a retractable glass roof."


Remote reporter and most-ebullient-person-in-the -universe, Lee Valsvik, is even going to get some grilled salmon with red wine oxtail sauce—which the executive chef only prepares on the roof. That is, unless something crazy happens like, say, an awkward catch-and-throw segment ends up with Lee getting absolutely dump trucked by her psychotic camera man. But, that's really specific.

The live segment was obviously aired before the game, so hope and good feelings were still in the air ("I'm OK!"), but then Joe Webb came along and the Vikings were all Lee Valsvik.

Lee Valsvik 'takes one for the team' on live TV [KARE-11]

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