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Whitlock's Most Incisive Column Yet

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Fox Sports has discovered a revolutionary new way to censor Jason Whitlock columns: Just leave out the words! (ESPN: Hey, you can do that??). Besides, you know Whitlock; you're familiar with the kind of thing he's going to say on any given issue. So are words even necessary? A headline should really be enough. Apparently this is the new trend at Fox Sports, and I know that Stephen A. is looking on with interest.


In case they've fixed this by the time you read it, or have taken down the page entirely, what we had here was the headline of a Whitlock column with no body type underneath. Online sports journalism for the busy reader on the go! Although the whole thing generated enough reader comments to make up for it.

Of course, it's possible that Whitlock couldn't back up his premise and simply gave up.

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