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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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One just never knows what mayhem will erupt when the Redskins meet the Bears. Anything can happen ... um, did we mention that these Redskins and Bears are 12 years old? Proving that the ghost of Woody Hayes does indeed roam the earth looking for bodies to possess, an assistant youth football coach in Stockton, Calif., has been arrested for rushing onto the field during a game and tackling an opposing player. You might have seen the footage of this, but it's still awesome.

Cory Petero, 36, of Riverbank, turned himself in Saturday night following what witnesses described as a late hit that turned into a brawl, with parents and children from both teams fighting on the field for about 20 minutes.


We are at this moment enjoying video of the event, which can be found accompanying the link. We reccommend playing the Our Gang theme in the background, which makes it funnier. By the way, Snoop Dogg has never tackled a youth football player that we know of, but we find the photo amusing nonetheless.

Youth Football Coach Arrested For Tackling Kid [MSNBC]

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