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Who Dares To Tamper In Joe Flacco's Unibrow Domain?

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The Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco-led run through the AFC playoffs is just one more example of a famous unibrow influencing world events. [East Coast Bias]


When To Say When . Ben Roethlisberger is not brave. Ben Roethlisberger is a moron. Any doctor who clears him to play is a moron. Any coach who sends him out to play is a moron. Any writer, TV pundit, former player, or fan who cheers him while he plays is a moron. Ben Roethlisberger's career as a professional football player should be over. Today. [OT]

Keep Ray Ray Out Of The Limelight Club. About the only thing Steve McNair could do to ruin his legendary standing with most Titans fans is hold a pep-rally for the Ravens this weekend, and that's exactly what a Baltimore radio station is saying is going to happen Saturday at the Limelight club just a few blocks form LP Field. Keep in mind though that radio stations are known to fudge these kinds of things, and McNair's agent and manager deny that he would ever even consider such a thing. [Music City Miracles]


Pittsburgh Has Some Fine Lookin' Women. A thought occurred to me last week when NBC chose to zoom in on the San Diego Charger Girls silicone-enhanced bustlines every time a SD player so much as downed a punt. I said to myself, “Damn, they got some fine lookin’ women out there in Cali.” Which momentarily made me sad because we have fine lookin’ women here in the ‘Burgh. However, with the absence of cheerleaders, the rest of the country is probably blissfully unaware of our Polish uber-vixens. [Nice Pick Cowher]

Look At The Size Of That Boy's Head. Well, in a completely unsurprising development, Big Ben has made his bulbous head the main story heading into the playoffs. Between the broken toes (that weren't really broken according to Cowher), to the Thumb Gate to the latest news that his GINORMOUS head won't fit in the team-issued helmet ... well, let's just say I could do without the media coverage that will surely follow this story. [Heels Sox And Steelers]

Remember The Last Time We Went To Tennessee For A Playoff Game?. The last time the Ravens visited Nashville for the playoffs, the situation was earily similar. The Titans were the #1 overall seed and the Ravens came in as a Wild Card. The Titans were favored and the Ravens put perhaps one of the original Baltimore Beatdowns on them 24-10, on their way to their Super Bowl Championship. The Ravens were also the first visiting team to ever defeat the Titans in what was their new home at the time. Therefore, being the visitor there this weekend does not faze me in the least. [Baltimore Beat Downs]

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