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Who Is Buckeye Freshman's Mysterious Shoplifting Friend?

Illustration for article titled Who Is Buckeye Freshmans Mysterious Shoplifting Friend?

Ohio State freshman Nathan Williams said he was "just covering for a friend" when he was arrested for shoplifting three shirts at a Dayton mall.


But who was that friend? Could it have been ... hmmm?

The facts are these: Williams, a highly-recruited 19-year-old defensive end from Washington Court House, Ohio, was arrested by Beavercreek police and charged with shoplifting three shirts valued at $80 from the Macy's in the Mall at Fairfield Commons. His explanation? It wasn't me, officer!


From the Columbus Dispatch:

"I took the blame for somebody; I didn't do anything," Williams said last night. He said he was with a friend, and as they were walking out of the store, the alarm went off. His friend told him he had the three shirts, and Williams agreed to take the shirts — and the blame.

"If he got in trouble for this, he would be in jail," Williams said, explaining that his friend has been in legal trouble previously. "So I took his back." Williams didn't name the friend.

The best part? Williams evidently returned a call from a Columbus Dispatch reporter before informing the team or his parents.

If he's suspended, that's no Fiesta Bowl for you, young man. The Buckeyes' defense has already lost defensive back Eugene Clifford (misdemeanor assault in a bar fight) and defensive tackle Doug Worthington (drunken driving on campus) this season, although Worthington is now back on the team.


Humorous aside: When coach Jim Tressel decided to offer him a scholarship, he sent Williams a text message. Williams said the exchange went like this:.

“I told him it would be a great honor. I’ve always wanted to be a Buckeye and it would be a tremendous honor to play for him.” Williams said Tressel then sent him a message back saying, “Wow!!!!!!”


OMG! shplftng? :( nt kewl!!!

Freshman: I Took The Blame, Not The Shirts [Columbus Dispatch]

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